bedMATCH™ Sleep Diagnostic System

bedMATCH™ is a patented diagnostic system that matches you with the mattress best suited for your body type and sleeping position.  Using 18 statistical measurements, over 1,000 scientific calculations and the information you provide about your sleep preferences, bedMATCH™ identifies the optimal postural support and pressure relief for your body.

How does bedMATCH work?

1. Create your profile
Answer a few simple questions about your sleep preferences.
2. bedMATCH™ analysis
When you lie down on the bedMATCH™ test bed for three minutes, bedMATCH™ will utilize statistical measurements and over 1,000 scientific calculations to determine your correct level of postural support.
3. Mattress recommendations
bedMATCH™ provides color-coded recommendations for proper postural support and identifies every mattress on the retail floor that fits your profile.
4. Choose your mattress
Using bedMATCH™ recommendations as a guide, lie down on each of the recommended My Side™ mattress models and choose the one that provides your preferred level of comfort and pressure relief.

Combining the scientifically grounded recommendations provided by the bedMATCH™ system with your own choice of pressure relief, bedMATCH™ allows you to find the My Side™ mattress that is the perfect match for you.