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How do I keep my mattress clean?

Make sure you use a mattress protector to cover your mattress at all times.  If any accidents or spills occur, remove the sheets and mattress protector immediately to prevent soiling the mattress.  Water-proof mattress protectors can also be used for an added layer of protection, keeping your mattress clean.

There is a foreign smell coming from my new mattress. What is it?

All materials used (from foams to fabrics) will have their own distinct smell.  A new mattress will typically have a “new” smell to it, much like a new car’s smell.  All our mattresses are made from new and fresh materials and are made to order so you can be sure the mattress you purchased is brand new and safe for you and your family.  If there is a smell that you are uncomfortable with coming from your new mattress, try placing the mattress in a well ventilated room after unpacking.  After a week, any “new mattress smell” should have dissipated.  

When should I buy a new mattress? How long will my mattress last?

With a mattress, it is not always so obvious to realize when you need a new one.  Similar to an old pair of shoes, a mattress can still feel comfortable long after it has lost its ability to provide your body with the proper support and comfort it needs.  A mattress’s warranty is also not an accurate indicator as it pertains to the components of a mattress and not whether the mattress is suitable to your body anymore.

Here are some telltale signs that you may need a new mattress:

-You wake up with stiffness, numbness, aches and pains

-You had a better night’s sleep somewhere other than your own bed (such as a hotel)

-Your mattress shows visible signs of overuse (it sags, has lumps, interior is exposed,etc.)

-Your mattress is 5-7 years old

Keep in mind that our bodies change over time, and the need for good comfort and support only increases with age.  That is why it is a good idea to compare the mattress and foundation you are sleeping on now to newer models every few years.

Which is better, pocket springs or traditional springs?

There is no definitive answer to what components of a mattress are better than others.  In terms of the inner springs, both pocket springs and traditional springs have different and unique qualities.  What matters most is paying attention to whether the mattress you are considering gives you the proper support and comfort your body needs.  Since everybody’s body and sleep preferences are different, a pocket spring mattress could be perfect for one person but not suitable for another.  It is best to go and test many types of mattresses before deciding which one to purchase.

Do I need to replace my foundation when buying a new mattress?

It is strongly recommended that when buying a new mattress, the foundation be changed as well.  For My Side™ mattresses, the foundation is specially designed to help the mattress give you the proper support and comfort that was intended.  An old foundation or unsuitable frame may not give your new mattress the proper support and may negatively affect the mattress.

How long is the warranty on My Side™ mattresses?

Each product’s warranty is different.  For more warranty information, please call our toll free customer service line at 0800 873 000 to ask one of our service agents or visit one of our My Side™ retail locations. 

How often should I I flip my mattress?

For most mattresses, flipping and rotating the mattress every 6 months will prolong the life of the mattress.  My Side™ mattresses are specially designed as non-flip mattresses so flipping My Side™ mattresses is unnecessary.  

If I have questions about my mattress, who do I contact?

If you have additional questions, please contact the retail store where you purchased the mattress.  You can also call our toll free customer service at 0800 873 000; Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM.

How do I choose my bed sheets?

For My Side™ mattresses, you should choose bed sheets that are softer and stretchable.  If the bed sheets are too tight, they will form a tight drum-like cover over the mattress that will negatively affect the intended feeling of the mattress.

Why choose My Side™ mattresses?

The average customer will spend an average of just 10 minutes testing out a mattress before making a purchase and must live with this decision 8 hours a day for the next 5-10 years.  The chances of picking the right mattress is very slim.  My Side™ mattress’s bedMATCH™ in-store diagnostic machine solves this problem by replacing your mattress guessing with a scientific recommendation for a mattress that best suits your body.  

My Side™ mattresses combine seven technologies into one mattress that will give you the most personalized sleep you have ever had.

1. Cool Wave™ – A unique convoluted foam pattern that provides superior pressure relief and air ventilation

2. My Side™ Support Zones – Individualized support zones for each sleep partner on one mattress

3. Cushion Cloud® Construction – A patented construction technique that provides a more relaxed sleep surface and unparalleled conformance to your body

4. Full Body Surround® – High-density foam provides a complete edge-to-edge sleeping surface with superior support while airflow channels allow air to circulate freely

5. Vertical Zoning® – Upholstery layeres and components get denser as you go deeper into the mattress, allowing your body to “float” to its own level of need

6. Individually Wrapped Coils – Pocketed spring coils are engineered to conform to your body, providing individualized comfort and proper support while reducing motion transfer

7. No Wake Zone™ – Special springs between support zones that significantly reduce partner disturbance

How do I know if I am getting the same mattress that I chose in the store?

Each My Side™ mattress is in-factory tested by the My Side™ Inline Comfort Support Analysis (ICSA) machine after it is produced.  This is to ensure that each mattress is made with the proper comfort and support levels that each customer chose in the store.  You will find a Sleep to Live Certification label signifying that this is an official My Side™ product and has passed the ICSA test.

Additionally, all mattresses adhere to Taiwan’s labeling regulations and include a warranty card and product information so you can sleep well knowing your mattress was made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.