Furthering the Science of Sleep


My Side™ and the bedMATCH™ diagnostic system was developed by Kingsdown, with the assistance of the Sleep to Live Institute.

The Sleep to Live Institute, led by Dr. Robert Oexman; a leading sleep industry expert, is dedicated to the science of sleep, bringing together the expertise, research, and rich resources that promote quality sleep, and better health.  Their focus is three-fold.

  1. Ensure that consumers have the necessary information to make informed product purchases and to learn about healthy sleep and sleep disorders.
  2. Provide retailers a resource for sales support, detailed product information, research, and access to industry experts and resources.
  3. Provide manufacturers a reliable resource for product testing, certification, research and access to industry experts and resources.

To check out the latest in sleep research, technology and information, please visit www.sleeptoliveinstitute.com